Adjustable Rowing Shoes

The patented Active Tools 2K shoes are designed for the sport of rowing and replace the standard ‘trainer’ type shoes that are fixed into the boats. They are adjustable from size 9-14 so people no longer have to put up with shoes that are either too big or too small.
All the external parts of the shoes are moulded in a tough hygienic EVA foam, similar to Crocs, so they can be washed and kept clean and hygienic.
JED designed and prototyped the shoes and then identified a manufacturer for the EVA foam parts. This was difficult as the material is only moulded in India and the Far East and most manufacturers produce copycat products and lack the technical expertise for mouldings of this complexity.
The shoes were launched in late 2009 and are proving extremely successful in both Europe and the USA. In October 2011, JED were awarded 'Consumer Product Design of the year' in the prestigious Plastics Industry Awards.

Client: Active Tools Ltd
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